Among the first in Europe in the recovery and recycling of aluminum

IMT Italia deals with the recovery and enhancement of metal – core business of FECS group – at an intermediate stage, that of production and commercialization of aluminum alloys in slabs. Such alloys are derived from a refining process that follows the treatment and recycling of scrap aluminum that, thanks to its unique feature of being recycled countless times without losing its characteristics and peculiarities, allows through the use of highly sophisticated and cutting edge facilities, to produce aluminum alloys suited to the different needs of the customers through the production of quality standards increasingly customized for the customers. All this, respecting the environment and its conservation (reduction of water use in manufacturing processes as well as CO2 emissions) and Energy Saving of over 90% – compared to the production resulting from mined ore. Aluminium alloys slabs provided by IMT Italia go to satisfy an audience of industrial customers mainly in the automotive sector and in particular in the components field (more than 75% of a car today is made up of parts and components) ensuring the satisfaction of high standards both through a series of quality certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001 and in traceability field, through the use of IMDS system (International Material Data System), which has now become very sensitive to the market, meeting the criteria ROHS, REACH and Conflict minerals.

Reference point for the supply of aluminum ingots

IMT Italia is a renowned Italian company operating in the metallurgical sector, focused on aluminum production, and in particular on aluminum ingots. The company is part of the industrial group Fecs, which consists of several companies, always in the field of recovery and recycling of non-ferrous metal raw materials.

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Aluminium supply

IMT is a reference point in the supply of non-ferrous semi-finished products, offering services in their own unique style.

Search for raw materials

IMT Italia procures raw materials on the international market to suit all customers’ requests, basing its choices on its commercial and technical experience.

Aluminium alloys

IMT Italia guarantees a careful processing of aluminum alloys, from which results a high quality finished product adaptable to all requirements.


IMT Italia give importance to its guidelines, which position it between the leaders of the sector.