Mission & values

“We wish to become your point of reference for the supply of non-ferrous semi-finished products through the creation of solid and long lasting business relationships in full respect of the environment”


A constant market presence made it possible to understand the needs expressed by some large industrial groups and to provide products that are always qualitatively appropriate to specific needs.

The continuous need to purchase aluminum ingots at fixed prices (even for long time periods) led the Group to list its semi-finished products on the London Metal Exchange commodity, making the Group one of the leading producers in the sector in Europe.

Exploiting the best aspects of  globalization in order to guarantee to the clients a constant and reliable supply is what made IMT ITALIA a company capable of ensuring high quality, thanks to the accurate inspections of every stage of metal processing and constant innovation  through continuous monitoring of the international market and the professionalism of the corporate staff.


In a market increasingly dedicated to standardization, IMT Italia S.p.A. offers products intended to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge recovery and production techniques, IMT ITALIA is able to guarantee highly customized products, competitive delivery times and high supply reliability.
The volatility of the raw material market can involve considerable risks, exposing the operators to a great variability,, but the complete verticalization of our industrial Group makes it possible to increase the basin of raw materials from which to draw said materials, so as to limit the risk to which the clients could be exposed.
The clients of IMT Italia S.p.A. enjoy the peace of mind of having a reliable partner, capable of limiting the issues introduced by a constantly developing market.


Doing business with a view to sustainable development, or generating profit, but not to the detriment of future generations and safeguarding our natural heritage, are fundamental values for IMT ITALIA thanks to an eco-friendly philosophy  inherited from the industrial Group to which it belongs.
Since Italy is a country poor in raw materials, the national industry moved towards the development of production processes that use  metal scraps originating from discarded material rather than raw materials directly extracted from the subsoil, focusing on the recovery of raw materials otherwise not used.
By focusing on the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous discarded materials, we initiated a process that preserves natural resources and that allowed us to actively contribute to lower environmental impact.
Recovering what was previously considered waste and removing the “disposable” mechanism is the foundation of CIRCULAR ECONOMY: a system designed to be able to regenerate on its own, of which our Industrial Group is the perfect example.

from the raw material,
14 kWh
of energy are needed
while from recovered material only
0,7 kWh
of energy are needed
Recovering what was previously considered waste and eliminating "disposable" is the foundation of CIRCULAR ECONOMY:
a system designed to be able to regenerate on its own, of which our Industrial Group is the perfect example.

The reputation that the company gained over the years is based above all on compliance with ethical standards defined by laws, regulations and codes of conduct in daily business.

For this reason, in 2018 the Board of Directors approved the first Code of Ethics for directors, employees and contractors in order to match their conduct and actions to the principles detailed in the Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics represents, among other things, a general, irrevocable principle detailed in the 231 Model according to the Italian law governing the “Liability of entities for administrative offenses resulting from crimes” detailed in Legislative Decree No. 231 dated June 8, 2001.

download our code of ethics
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