Semi-finished aluminum products

Blonging to a fully verticalized Group allows us to quickly move  from the recovery and recycling of raw materials to the melting up to the marketing of finished products in full compliance with  national and international regulations in force.

The company has been focusing for many years on the production and processing of  aluminum alloys from scrap  to adapt them to a wide range of applications. Depending on the intended use, aluminum is combined with copper, zinc, manganese, titanium, silicon and other metals in order to guarantee a material  with the desired characteristics and optimal performance.

We offer a finished product of the highest quality thanks to a precise and technologically advanced casting  process searching on the international market for raw materials suited to the various requests.

This is possible thanks to a considerable commercial and technical knowledge of the sector and professional figures constantly updated on market trends.

For further information, please refer to the table related to the UNI EN 1676 standard concerning the composition of our aluminum ingots.

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